Occupational Hazards
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Occupational Hazards

Occupational hazards is a scheme under RSSB which provides assistance to employees and employers in the risk of illnesses or accidents in the workplace. The benefits covered by RSSB under occupational hazard scheme are: Medical care, Daily sickness allowances, incapacity social security benefits and survivors’ benefits.

A contribution of 2% of salary is paid on behalf of mandatory members by employers. There is no employee contribution towards this benefit.

On satisfying the criteria to make a claim, the benefits cover you for:

  • Free medical care
  • Daily sickness allowances
  • Incapacity social security benefits
  • Incapacity lump sum benefits
  • Survivors benefits
  • The temporary incapacity benefit is: 75% of average daily earnings in the last 3 months payable until full recovery or certificate of permanent incapacity for a maximum of 180 days.
  • The permanent incapacity benefit is: a pension is payable of 85% of average monthly earnings in the last 3 months payable.
  • Partial permanent incapacity benefit: is given according to the degree of incapacity in proportion to the pension the beneficiary would get if they had been permanently incapacitated.
  • If the degree of the incapacity is at least 15% - the percentage of full pension according to the degree of incapacity.
  • If the degree of the incapacity is less than 15% - then a lump sum payment equal to 3 years’ pension according to the degree of incapacity is awarded to the beneficiary.

The survivor’s allowances are fixed percentages of salary, as follows:

  • 30% for the widow or widower
  • 15% for each child of the father or mother (with the other remaining parent surviving)
  • 20% for each child of father and mother (with both parents deceased)
  • 10% for each direct or adopted parent An accident befalling a worker at the occasion of a crime or an offence committed by the worker or an intentional fault on his or her part is not covered by RSSB.
  • Inform your employer and area labour inspector directly, as soon as possible.
  • Give precisions relating to circumstances i.e. place of accident, eye witnesses, third party responsible for the accident. As soon as all information is received, the employer will fill the accident declaration (A1) in 6 copies
  • The doctor should fill in the medical certificate of the first hand state of the injury sustained (A2)
  • Ask the doctor to give RSSB a medical certificate of the prolongation of incapacity of injuries every 30 days. This prolongation must not exceed 150 days
  • You must equally inform your employer to give the RSSB a receipt of payment/non-payment.
  • At the end of the treatment, ask your doctor to fill the certificate of healing and consolidation of injuries (A5)
  • Keep careful the bills for medical treatment or food given by the hospital