Partnership Opportunity

Here, we share our investments, assets, revenues; expenditure and income obtained from the different ventures we are undertaking. Details of proceedings from our schemes, income from our real estate projects and cash put in are included. We have also included the cash in our current accounts collected from both our pension and medical schemes. We have also projected the revenue we expect from these different projects as they continue taking shape.

A close glance at these details will help you to understand our investment patterns and to track our progress. We believe in transparency, that is why we want to share our investment portifolio with you. 


This Investment Policy Statement (IPS) serves as a guide to   Rwanda Social Security Board when making all investment decisions. 

The IPS will be reviewed as need arises to ensure that it remains an effective document, reflecting current investment, legal, regulatory, and economic environments.  It should also be noted that any structural change or changes will require a review of this document.

Indeed, if a Provident Fund and/or any other Fund is added to the products available through Rwanda Social Security Board, separate Investment Policy Statements will be required, as the likely new features would result in different investment horizons, risk tolerances and return objectives.   Therefore, this IPS should only be taken within the context of the current structure of Rwanda Social Security Board .

  • To achieve short and long term returns on the board’s investment portfolio sufficient to meet the funding objective.
  • To optimize returns within the defined risk parameters in a prudent and cost efficient manner while ensuring legal and regulatory compliance is net.

At any point in time all accrued benefits of the Board are fully funded by the actuarial value of the Board’s assets given normal market conditions.

  • Support financial systems aimed at development of yield curve
  • Support the growth of capital markets through possible direct and indirect involvement
  • Support banking industry with long term funding
  • Agriculture
  • communication
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • ICT
  • Infrastructure
  • Health
  • Investment value of USD 1 Million and above from a proposed partner
  • Competitive Real rates of return
  • Preservation of capital
  • Expected returns commiserate with risk level
  • Strong Sponsors who also take risks alongside RSSB
  • RSSB to take minority position
  • Strong management team
  • Realistic Business and Strategic Plan
  • Realistic Assumptions
  • Good Corporate Governance
  • Access to management accounts on regular basis
  • Access to statutory accounts
  • Planned exit strategy