Organizational Structure

Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) was established by the law No.45/2010 of 14/12/2010 that determines its mission, organization and functioning. This institution was established after the merger of Social Security Fund of Rwanda (SSFR) with Rwanda Health Insurance Fund (RAMA). This law has been amandeted and completed by the law n◦ Nº04//2015 of 11/03/2015 that gives RSSB the responsibility to manage Community Based Health Insurance (Mutuelle de santé).

The mandate of the institution is to administer social security in the country. The branches currently managed include; pension, occupational risks, Health insurance and Community Based Health Insurance. The benefits offered under the different branches are; old age, invalidity, survivorship, work injuries and work related diseases and health insurance benefits. 
RSSB as a financial institution is supervised by the National Bank of Rwanda according to the banking law N°55/2007 of 30/11/2007 where as its activities are overseen by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.

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Organization Structure