FAQs Medical Benefits

As other Health Insurances around the World, RSSB Medical Insurance uses a list of reimbursable medicines to ensure access of medicines to its members. That list is based on National Formulary which is a list of medicines registered in the country including Essential medicines used in public health facilities and other medicines available in the country.
The list of medicines reimbursable includes a notion of rational use and safety of medicines. It is based on consensus between stakeholders and updated every year in a meeting between RSSB, MINISANTE and partners representatives in the medical and pharmaceutical field.
Medicines reimbursed are not only generics, the list consists of 1895 items and generics reimbursed instead of equivalents brands medicines are 212 only that represent 11%

We have now produced more than 50% individual cards of the total number of beneficiaries and we are asking those who haven’t brought their photos to bring them in order to finish the production.

This is according to the “Solidarity Principle” of health insurance, in order to prevent the “adverse selection” (This is when only people with high risk are more likely to register themselves to the scheme while people with less risk will tend to ignore it). Hence the registration of a group of people already formed.

The Law establishing medical insurance of RSSB, in its article 4 states that it covers only health care performed inside the country. But in its perspectives, RSSB is planning to extend its coverage outside the country after a feasibility study.

This is stated in National Health Insurance Policy and currently there is a National Health Insurance Law in parliament which is intended to turn this law into action.

The two categories will be included after having the results of an Actuarial Study scheduled to start soon.

Yes, RSSB is increasing the number of Medical Partners and currently Public health centers, hospitals, private pharmacies and clinics are requesting to be among partners of RSSB and their requests are responded immediately after evaluation.

At the beginning of the coverage of eyeglasses by RSSB, the group composed of specialists in ophthalmology has setthe period of eyeglass replacement at 3 years for an adult and 1 year for children.

Medical check-up is done at King Faisal Hospital, Centre HospitalierUnivesitaire de Butare and Biomedical Center and has started on August 1st, 2010. RSSB is planning to extend this program in the whole country. Because the diseases targeted by Medical check-up are age- related diseases, and they are likely to occur first among women than men. This is why we have taken 40 years for men and 35 for women