SMS Services


  • You can check out your pension account status by use of phone SMS, Type the word IMISANZU and then put * your RSSB registration number and again * write year and send to 4044.

Follow this example: IMISANZU*10156722G*2014 send to 4044

  • You can check your contribution in medical by typing the word UBUZIMA* your RSSB medical number and send to 4044

Follow this example: UBUZIMA*0017346 send to 4044



It is also possible to check your pension account statement online. Go to online services link on the home page, click on “online applications” then “employee registration” fill the form of required information and submit it. You will receive a password on your phone and email.

After reception of the password you pass through the same way;, click on online applications then you fill in LOG IN or CSR ID is your social security number with the password given to you then click on “Enter” you get immediately your historical pension contribution status.